Preferences - Introduction & Resetting

Resetting preferences comes up a lot as a way of banishing the Photoshop demons and curing any technical glitch that challenges you - and to be fair, most of the time it works. If you've tried everything else, if you're pulling out your hair and spitting blood; then this video tutorial may just be the answer to your problems. Maybe even a cure to bad health? Even more than that though, this is the first of nine videos looking at preferences in Photoshop Elements - and what better way to start out than with a gentle introduction.

Switching Between Tools - Tips & Tricks

By default Photoshop allows you to switch between tools of a specific group by holding down the SHIFT key and pressing the letter that represents the tool. So for example, the Dodge, Burn and Sponge tools can be activated by pressing the letter ‘O’ on the keyboard, and then to move between the tools, use the SHIFT +O combination. So if the letter ‘O’ activates the Dodge Tool then pressing SHIFT + O will activate the Burn Tool, and pressing it again will activate the Sponge Tool, you get the idea.