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Happy Holidays 2011

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Today is December 25th and if you’re like me you’ll be spending it unwrapping a few presents, enjoying a meal with the family, and relaxing around the bright lights of the Christmas tree. It’s a time to appreciate what I have, and reflect on the many good things that have happened over the year.

I’m very fortunate like that.
For many others it will perhaps be a tougher time. For those that can’t spend the day with their loved ones, for one reason or another, it will inevitably amplify the sadness and hardship of the occasion.
There are also those for which this time of year carries a different meaning or even none at all.
So no matter whom you are, wherever you’re reading this, and whatever your circumstance –I and everyone here at would like to wish you a merry Christmas – a simple message of good will and a hope for better things to come.
Happy Holidays 2011

Looking back

It’s been an amazing year and I’d like to start by thanking everyone who used our site. Whether you signed up for a free account, left us a comment or email, or just watched a few videos – we really appreciate your support.
We’ve come a long way in a year, releasing our first ever premium video course on DVD and digital download. ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop Elements 9’ proved to be amongst the most successful things we’ve ever done, and the feedback and comments left by users purchasing the course has been overwhelming.
We’ve also released free videos focusing on Photoshop Elements 9 and10, and remained active on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

The Present

We currently have 936 people holding a user account at, and able to log in at any time to download the various project files and see special content.
We have 436 people that like our Facebook page, 58 followers on Twitter, and 1471 subscribers on YouTube with our videos being watched over 830,000 times.

Looking Forward

Looking forward we’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up.
First off all, in January we’ll be celebrating our five year anniversary of our first video being published on YouTube. As a tribute I’ll be re-recording the video in question and translating it into Photoshop Elements 10 (it was originally recorded in Photoshop CS2). I’m hoping to release three separate videos that week to commemorate the occasion.
Then, in March, we’ll be celebrating the five year anniversary of the website, as on the 30 of that month I first registered the domain name. Once again I’m hoping to release three new pieces of content to mark the occasion.
Throughout the year I’m aiming to release new, free videos and articles for Photoshop Elements 10 – so if you have any suggestions please use the contact form to tell me about them. I’ll also be looking at recording new premium courses dealing with a number of specialist areas in Photoshop Elements 10 – namely a series of videos exploring the art of selecting particular areas of a photograph and documenting the various selection tools to help with the process. The other subject I’m interested in opening up is Elements photographic tools, expanding on some of the concepts discussed in my beginners guide to Elements 9. As always, ideas and suggestions are welcome – so if you have any please send me a message using the contact form.
Finally it’s left for me to wish you all once again a happy holiday season and a wondrous, fantastic and successful 2012.


Happy New Year

Hi Matt,
Thanks for sharing all your exciting news and plans for 2012 - look forward to learning lots more from you.
Hope 2012 will be wonderful for you and your family.
Thanks for all your kindness in helping us with Photoshop.
Nancy M

Thanks for the comment Nancy

Thanks for the comment Nancy

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