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Long before I converted this site to Drupal, back in the days of the static-HTML version, I longed to place a poll on here to give me some sort of idea as to what the viewers of the site wanted to see more of. At the time, building a complex poll way surpassed my capability and perhaps was too intense to pull off easily with the software I was using, so I looked for a free service on the world wide web.


Having spent hours and hours searching for something that would intergrate with the site, wasn't too complex, and gave me the options I wanted (namely, to stipulate how many votes the user was allowed) I finally found a company called Sparklit who provided everything I was looking for and more. Those of you who visited me at my old site will perhaps remember it from the front page, just in case you can't, or never visited the old site, here's what it looked like-

Listening to the users of a site will teach any administrator some important lessons about what's hot and what's not, I'm no exeception. That's why I've created and added this page to the main menu! I'd be interested to hear what you think of the site, and what videos and tutorials you'd like to see in the future.

If you're a registered member of our community then you can vote for a specific type of tutorial you'd like to see more of. Just follow this link and vote away!

You can also leave me your ideas for future tutorials here. I can't make them to request but I'll certainly do what I can and work towards producing the most popular suggestions!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions below.





I find your tutorials excellent and an essential tool to my understanding of photoshop and I hope that we will be able to download the videos or text versions of the lessons as at my age I cannot remember the correct method to employ. I am from the old school of hypo and developer and find photoshop mind boggling and so easy to manipulate images compared to the traditional method.


Hi Andreou,

Thanks for the message, I'm glad you enjoy them!

At present, the videos are only available online, but you can watch them as many times as you want and pause where necessary. I'm hoping to produce some text tutorials soon, and I'm pushing to get them released as downloadable PDF's - so watch this space!

Hope that helps

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